We are inviting you for rest in the luxury apartment being located in the new seaside housing estate in Kołobrzeg. This picturesque housing estate is simultaneously in the centre of Kołobrzeg, the town having the status of the spa and one of the best bathing beach in Poland. Modern architecture, the attractive location, the closeness of the sea and the unique microclimate are deciding on the uniqueness of this place.

For the bathers and tourists the gratest attraction is the seaside location with its specific microclimate known for its healing properties and beautiful 6km long sandy beach and sea-bathing area.

Our luxury apartment about the area of 35 m2, organized modernly and comfortably, is composed of a living room with a dinette, of bedroom, bathroom, of entrance hall. The entire building was adapted for persons with disabilities, wide corridors, lift cause that barriers are disappearing at moving.

Parking spaces are also accessible.